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Tips On How To Prepare For Any Kind Of Spiritual Reading.

Psychic Readings, Tarot Readings, Mediumship, and all the incarnations of spiritual reading are included in these tips. If some advice only applies to one kind of specific reading I will highlight that in the commentary.

These tips on how are based on my experience and education.



If you are going for a general reading. Please have a few questions defined in your mind.

You don't have to tell the person doing the reading, but have a clear idea of what you need direction on or who you would like to communicate with.

Your intention helps direct the energy of the reading.

I know, that is a lot of 'woo' from me, but it is true. If you have no idea what you want from your reading it will be vague and general. I don't like giving those types of readings I know I hate getting them.

Be open to the information coming through your communicator.

You set your intention of needing direction on a new project, you spoke to your loved ones in spirit and asked them to come through for you, but the person delivering your reading is talking about your house? Man, that is not what I came here for! Sometimes the universe/spirits need you to hear about what they have in mind. Most people that give readings will speak to the energy that is the most urgently 'knocking at their awareness' first, then move on to the rest of the reading. Just be patient and open to what you are receiving.


We are not able to dial the dead directly. This applies to Mediumship. As a Medium, I would love to be able to patch right into your spirit person and give you that connection that you long for. It is why I do this publicly. My soul intention is to help you heal, and give you comfort when you come for a reading. Sometimes that one person you long to hear from doesn't come through.

I will tell you they are okay. It is the living that grieves. This applies to all Mediums.

I know, TV has given the impression that only the best Mediums get hits all the time. They don't, they just have better editors. :-) They can get vague hits or information that does not resonate with the sitter. What you will get is a healing message from spirit.

Read information about what your Psychic, Medium, Angel Healer, etc... require of you before the reading. Different spiritual counselors have some pretty defined ideas of how you should prepare for your reading. Some state that you should fast for four hours before a reading others want you to meditate.

My readings don't really ask anything of my clients other than "please show up on time'.

So that is it!

To recap:

  1. Set an intention of some kind. Doesn't matter, just have some sort of focus for your reading.

  2. Be open to the information coming through.

  3. Know your loved ones are okay and you will get the healing message you need, it just might not be from that 'one' person that you wanted to connect to.

  4. Understand and be informed of what kind of session you are booking and what that person might require of you.


My next article will be on what psychic gifts are defined as, how to know which ones you have and how to develop the others.

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