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Psychic Mediums, What To Look For

How do you find someone to communicate with a loved one or give you accurate advice about upcoming events? So this begins with understanding what some of the monikers are meant to convey. A Psychic or someone with psychic abilities may be able to: Read the future events in store for you. Read past events that have happened to you. Read your energy to tell you about your current situation. A Medium communicates with spirit, spirits of your loved ones, pets, angels, etc. but the communication is with spirit. So Mediums just channel information from spirit. Psychics read energy. There are a lot of people that have different takes, but for the most part, this is the agreed on differential. This post is meant to be a simple introduction. There are so many other types of spiritual counselors that have a lot of different interpretations of their unique gifts. This is just meant to be a casual discussion on what to look for when seeking guidance from spiritual practitioners. 1. Referrals - Check with people you know. Did they receive a great accurate, honest reading from someone? You don't have to wait years on a waiting list with a celebrity psychic medium to get an excellent healing reading. Check around, there is probably a fantastic reader in your area. Metaphysical fairs are outstanding. You can window shop and 'vibe' which person you want a reading from. 2. Know what kind of reading you are looking for - Do you just want a quick tarot reading to see if the job you just applied for will come through? Or do you want to connect with a loved one? Make sure that the person you look for is appropriate for the reading you would like. 3. Use your gut feeling - I know, right! Isn't that what I want you to do? See if you connect with the person. Do they give you a good feeling? Is something a bit off? Keep looking, don't ignore your own intuition.


What to look for in a reading 1. The person reading will not ask a lot of questions - Be wary of really 'chatty' Psychics before the reading. Any Psychic Medium with ethics knows this is a cold reading technique. So just know that all of the Mediums I know will tell the client not to give them too much information during the reading. I usually have to stop people, which is hard because when you begin to get evidence of their person in spirit, they want to tell you all about them. I love hearing those stories, but after the reading. I intend to give you the most authentic reading I can, and if you fill in too much information, I won't know if I got it from spirit. 2. The information is very general - This was a problem during our 'Divine Pause' for me. Because so many people were in the same situation, I felt like I was repeating myself too much, or the information wasn't unique to them. The problem is everyone was in the same position.

What you want to look out for is someone glancing at your wedding ring and saying 'you are in a relationship'... What you want to hear is, " You have been in a relationship for, I am going to say ten years, and right now, you are feeling unsettled. I am getting the energy that your partner is in the automotive industry, a salesman. Can you understand this?" See the difference in detail? and no questions. Just statements that you can either confirm or say nope. Evidential Mediumship is giving information that is pertinent to the client from spirit. This is information that can be validated by the client. The information being conveyed would not be accessible to the Medium any other way than through spirit. Sometimes this is speaking a phrase or a sentence the same way the spirit would have done when they were alive or relating an experience that no one else but the client and loved one would have known about. 3. The Medium needs several sessions to complete - Be cautious of psychics that ask you to keep paying for their services to communicate for the spirit or clear a curse. No valid psychic medium will ask you to pay them to clear curses, remove bad energy, light a candle. This is usually a grift. I understand that people believe a lot of things about bad spirits and curses etc. This article won't address my thoughts on that.

A quick example, there numerous palm readers with a sign that says "$10.00 Palm Readings," and once you get the reading, they tell you about a curse that will cost another 100.00 to clear.


So there are my top thoughts on what to look for and what to look out for. As a Medium, I can tell you that I have off days, where I don't get spirit coming through clearly. Sometimes a reading doesn't resonate with the client. We all have bad days. I don't charge for any reading that doesn't fit my standards. The client can make the choice if they wish to re-schedule or find another person. It happens. Just know that one person you want to hear from might not come through. Sometimes other family members come through. Mediums are not 1-800-dial-the-dead. We can't always connect to the family member you want to hear from. So I hope this helps. I will be creating more content of psychic abilities and how they present and what different skills are called and what to expect from a Psychic Mediumship reading. I am not an expert on pretty much anything, these articles are based on my experiences to date in order to help educate people looking for authentic experiences with psychics.

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