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Are They a "Real" Psychic?

I just triggered just about everyone in the spiritual community with that title. It is a statement made about just about all of us in this community. "Is that person really a medium," "Are they a good psychic," etc... you get the picture. Most practitioners providing their services to the public for a fee understand that there is always an undercurrent in popular culture that what we do is 'fraudulent' or 'a scam.' Even worse, in the case of mediums, we are trying to scam grieving people out of money. Yep, we are going to take all of that head-on right now. This blog only relates to me and my experiences speaking to other mediums and psychics. I have worked at psychic fairs for around two years now and see a lot of different modalities of spiritual practices. Most of us struggled with our abilities. As a child, I had invisible friends. Not so weird right? Now add that I could describe in extreme detail people that I had never met and worse had passed away before I was even born. This expression of my abilities freaked out my mom, caused many Catholic family members to try and have me exercised (nope not on a treadmill). I was born in the late sixties, and when these 'gifts' were presented to my family, it was not as socially accepted as it is today. Eventually, my mom took me to a spiritual retreat. I was around other people that were supposed to be 'like' me. That might be another blog but really turned me off to the concept of spiritualism. So why am I talking about my childhood when speaking to the integrity of practicing psychic mediums? Because when you walk into a fair or are referred to a spiritual counselor, you see a sign and a price. The average person doesn't really understand what it took that psychic medium to be there for you. Every medium, I have spoken to either commercially successful or just starting. The decision to "out" themselves in a public way was a complicated process. For myself, I had to work out if I had something to offer. Is dissolving my Muggle mask really worth it? The last thing I worried about was money for services. The concerns swirled around, am I developed enough? Could I convey the messages positively? Will I be of service? "But what about the "real" part, geez get to the point!" I am getting there.

If you visited a psychic and that person described detailed information about you or your loved one in spirit knowing nothing about you minutes before. You had an authentic experience with someone that was in tune with their gifts. If you sought out healing and felt relieved, better, lighter after, that was really healing. There are, unfortunately, in every business some people that are out to gauge clients or just in it for the money. I will discuss what to look for when trying to find a psychic medium in my next article.

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