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All classes will be conducted via Zoom

Please join the Facebook Group @wendellamediumshipgroup for more information

All Levels Welcome

$12.00 Donation requested


Join us for this ongoing, supportive development group as we uplift our energy, experience healing on all levels, and discover and practice our spiritual gifts.



Learn how to experience and recognize the information channeled to you from your Higher Self, your Guides, and from Loved Ones on the Other Side.



This is a gentle and supportive circle for people who are looking to begin or enhance their ability to tap into their intuition.



Meeting every Wednesday night and Sunday afternoon, this group is a time to develop and practice different types of psychic abilities, creating a link with spirit and give and receive healing messages. This circle will help you access your intuitive wisdom, connect with your higher self and other helpful guides.



Every class will have new exercises and discussions about different aspects of the psychic and mediumistic world.



All classes will have:

A short discussion of the exercise presented for that session


20-minute breakout session with a partner to practice exercise

10 minutes back to the main room to discuss

20-minute breakout session with a different partner to practice exercise

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