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Carol Stevens

"I recently had a reading done by Wendella. She does not just give you the messages from spirit, she takes the time to discuss how each message or to incite she received can be used to learn and grow from it.

I am very good at knowing if a person is genuine or not. I can say without any doubt, that Wendella uses her gift because she truly cares and wants to help people.

My husband’s spirit transitioned a year ago. She shared his messages and what she saw for me in the past, present, and future. I cannot express how much she helped me. She spent time on each topic until she felt that I totally understood how to use the information for me to heal and grow. I admired that she only wanted my responses to be yes or no that it made sense as opposed to providing leading information to her. This shows that she wants to validate to herself that she is getting the correct info and passing the information correctly to the client as well as showing the client that she is ethical.

Having a reading by Wendella is more like spending time with a really close girlfriend that loves and cares about you and happens to be a psychic medium. I highly recommend Wendella to anyone".


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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